Asain International, exzellenter Kundenservice von unserem engagierten internationalem Team

Excellent customer service

Our dedicated international team is here to help you every step of the way. Fast, personal and solution-oriented. Trust us for a smooth trading experience.

Your partner for international procurement and logistics

We rely on the highest quality, European standards, innovation and efficiency.
For us, the customer is not king but emperor.

  • Asain International - International Handel & Logistik; Globales Netzwerk and Handelsverbindungen

    Worldwide trade connections

    Our global network enables you seamless trading connections and efficient logistics solutions. Our network extends across Asia, the Middle East and Europe.

  • Asain International

    Unbeatable prices - directly from the producers

    We only work directly with the producers and growers and handle all logistics ourselves. This allows us to offer you unbeatable prices and unique quality.

  • All inclusive services

    No hidden costs, clear pricing and fair prices. We handle everything for you in an all-inclusive package. Uncomplicated and cost-effective.

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